The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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James RADBURNE [alternate forms: RADBOURN, RADBOONE]

b. 1874 Inkpen, Berkshire, son of Henry & Jane RADBURNE; 1892 to Tierra del Fuego; 1894 to Magallanes; 1901 joined a Tehuelche band associated with Cacique Mulato; 1907 to Lago San Martín; established Estancia Nana; names mentioned in his biography

m. 1913 Puerto Santa Cruz


dtr. of Italian trader CARMINATI and a Tehuelche woman


1. Nana, b. 1907; expert horsewoman; m. ? [Englishman]; 1 child
2. Santiago, b. 1909
3. Enrique, b. c1911
4. Catalina, b. 1912; m. ? [Chilean]
5. Jorge, b. 1913 Puerto Santa Cruz; bur. Piedrabuena
6. Arturo, b. 1918
7. Juanita, b. c1919
8. Miguel, b. 1925
9. Maria

Source: "El Jimmy, Outlaw of Patagonia", Herbert Childs, J B Lippincott Company, 1936
Last updated: 19-III-2018