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"Anglo" names in petition to the President of Argentina

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The area of San Julián, Santa Cruz Province, receives very little rainfall: in the absence of any river, the few natural springs are a valuable resource. The town was founded in 1901: as it grew, so did the difficulty and expense of obtaining fresh water, which had to be brought in by truck. Finally, in 1937, when the urban population stood at 2,200, the central government sent an engineer to study the supply problem. The following year, several hundred citizens signed a letter to the Argentine President, asking him to follow-through with the project.

Note: The following names are taken from a transcript of the original petition. Many forenames have been hispanicised, and some have been spelled phonetically: in these cases, probable English names are provided. Two or three names may have been repeated.

Alder, Alberto Santiago Denholm de Kyle, Enriqueta Mac Donald, James
Alder, Elena M Denholm, Ricardo Mackenzie, Juan
Alder, Ema Denholm, Walter John Mackenzie, Victoria
Alder, R A Eduards [Edwards], William Mac Lean, Colin
Alder, Ricardo J English, Juan Mac León [Maclean], Juan
Anderson, Adán [Adam] Gibbs, Federico Maclean, Rodrigo
Anderson, James x 2 Gibbs, Glady [Gladys] Mac Lennam [Maclennan], Gustavo
Bird, Juan A Gibbs, Sylvester Mair, Antonio
Cameron, Daniel de Gibbs, Elisabeth Muir, Alberto
Camerón, Enriqueta F A. de Gibbs, María Quigley, Inés
Camerón, Rosa Hudson, Oliverio Quigley, Tomás
Camerón, Tomás Kemp, Carlos Quiley [Quigley?], Tomás
  Kemp, Gertrudis Robertson, Eduardo
  Kyle, María Isabel Tompson [Thompson], Maximiliano
  Kyle, Santiago Walker, Juan
  Kyle, Tomás Walker, Juan (h) [son]
  Kyle, Walterio  

Source: "Así me lo contaron", Tomo II, Armando Manuel Ordoñez, Puerto San Julián, 2003
Thanks: Violeta Martínez
Last updated: 4-VII-2011