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The reference letters of William Dickie, preserved by his family, provide an informative overview of his years of employment (reminiscent of a modern curriculum vitae). His employers and supervisors provide details of his responsibilities and capabilities, while commending his diligence.

Starting work while in his 'teens in Scotland, William later spent eight years with the Falkland Islands Company. After five more years in the islands, at Hill Cove with Holmestead and Blake, he moved to the continent. It was in Patagonia that William was finally able to operate his own sheep ranch.  More information about the Dickie family can be found here.

(1) 1878 : John Paterson, minister, Old Meldrum (Aberdeenshire)

It is with pleasure that I certify in favour of William Dickie who has been known to me for ten years. He bears a good character, has had the advantages of a fair education. He is active energetic & intelligent.

John Paterson

F.C. Manse
Old Meldrum

6th June[?] 1878

(2) 1878 : Peter Coutts, farmer, Ballater (Aberdeenshire)

This is to certify that the bearer William Dickie has served me at different times for the last five years. I find him honest in every way. Likewise he has a very good idea of Sheep and how to manage them.

Peter Coutts

Tulloch, Glengairn

10th June 1878

(3) 1881 : Donald McIntosh, shepherd, Braemar (Aberdeenshire)

25[?] [...] 1881

I here testify the bearer William Dickie was Shepherd under me for 3 & a half years. I can testify that he is capible [sic] of all branches of the Shepherding. I always found him obedient & trustworthy.

I am Donald McIntosh


(4) 1883 : Dun[can?] Robertson, Strathglass, Beauly (Invernessshire)

[Letterhead: Comar House, Beauly]

18 August 1883

I was introduced to the Bearer Mr William Dickie  got very excellent accounts of him for the Wintering of 400 Hog which he did to my entire Satisfaction, I agreed with him the year following for Wintering 500, with which I was highly pleased. I consider him a first Class herd and a good Manager of Sheep

Dun[can?] Robertson

(5) 1897 : Sydney Miller, ranch manager, Hill Cove (Falklands)

[Letterhead: Hill Cove, Falkland Islands.]

May 8th, 1897

This is to certify that William Dickie has worked in this employ for the last four & half years. For three years he was shepherd, the remainder of his time he has worked in the Settlement, he is a very handy man can turn his hand at Blacksmith, Mason & Carpenter's work, in all of which he gives every satisfaction.

Sydney Miller

for Messrs. Holmestead & Blake.

(6) 1897 : Robert Blake, ranch owner, Hill Cove (Falklands)

William Dickie has worked for me for five years & a half, latterly chiefly at mechanical work. I have always found him a steady, willing worker, he can frame and [...] an ordinary camp house, build a chimney, and is very ingenious at all manner of odd jobs.

Robert Blake

Hill Cove,
August 1897.

(7) 1898 : Russell H Buckworth, supervisor? (Falklands)

[Letterhead: Packe Bros. & Co.
Falkland Islands

March 25 1898

I certify that William Dickie has worked for me this shearing Season from Sept to March 30th., at general work, and during the actual shearing at rolling fleeces & classing same, (under me) and has given me satisfaction.

Russell H Buckworth

(8) 1898 : Andrew? E Baillon, manager, Stanley (Falklands)

[Letterhead: The Falkland Islands Company
(incorporated by Royal Charter 1851)
Agent for Lloyds]

May 19th, 1898

This is to certify that William Dickie,
as a Shepherd,
worked in this Company's camp from February 1st, 1886 to December 15th, 1893, during which time he gave full satisfaction.

ppro. [rubber stamp: The Falkland Islands Company]

Andrew[?] E. Baillon.

(9) 1899 : Rodolfo Suárez, estanciero, Horquetas (Santa Cruz)

Certifico que el Sr. W. Dickie ha sido un buen empleado durante el tiempo que trabajó para mí como Capataz, además es medio Carpintero. Deja mi Estancia de su merito propio.

Horquetas 17/4/99
Rodolfo Suarez

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