The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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Francis Drummond PATON

b. 1884 Perth, Scotland; son of Edward Lonsdale PATON, master gunmaker, & Mary GENTLE; 1901 living Battersea, London; clerk; 1906 to Magallanes; employed at Banco de Londres, Punta Arenas; (later) employed by SETF; member of British Club; 1917 founder member of Magallanes Golf Club; prizewinner at lawn tennis, billiards and snooker; d. [unknown]

m. 1910 Punta Arenas

Lillian Constance HARDY

b. 1873 London; 1901 widowed (see MEREDITH--HARDY); active in Magallanes Golf Club; d. Santiago

portrait woman portrait
Francis Paton Lillian Hardy de Paton

Family Photo Album

Shackleton Expedition (1916): arrival and reception


Esther Lillian Drummond, b. 1912;

m. 1935 Punta Arenas to Carlos VALLEJO Araya; 3 children

d. 2000 Santiago
young girl
Esther Paton (young)
Esther Paton (adult)
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