The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

+  Family Photo Album: Paton—Hardy—Meredith  +

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family group
Three Generations (circa 1938)
(standing L-R) Jack Meredith, Esther Paton, Ronnie Meredith
(seated L-R) Lillian Hardy, Carlos Vallejo, Francis Paton

Doctor Comus John Meredith
Dr. Comus practiced rheumatology in Punta Arenas. He was active in local politics, standing for Congress in 1941 as the candidate of the Magallanes Regionalist Party. A street in the city bears his name.

Arrival of "Endurance" Expedition Survivors (Punta Arenas, 1916)
The twenty-two members of Shackleton's unsuccessful transantarctic expedition who had been left behind on Elephant Island were rescued by the Chilean Navy vessel "Yelcho", commander Luis Pardo, and brought to Punta Arenas. Perhaps one of them can be seen in this image, chatting with local residents (front row, right-hand side, man wearing balaclava helmet standing between the small girl and the lady holding a walking stick). Lillian Hardy is 3rd from the left. [Note: The original print has suffered damage.]

British Association of Magallanes
Billiard Handicap 1914.
Winner  F. D. PATON

Paton--Hardy family page: here

Photo credits: Carlos Vallejo (I-2015)
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Last updated: 27-I-2015