The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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grave marker

David J Charles memorial

David John CHARLES

b. c1865 Britain (Wales?); at San. Julián; employed by Lahusen Company; relocated to Las Heras; capataz; 1920 first president of Sociedad Rural de Las Heras; at Ganadera Las Mesetas; d. 1923 Las Heras; buried Las Heras


Margaret CLARK, Malvinas

Children (all registered at Colonia Las Heras):

1. Irene, b. 1917
2. Guillermo, b. 1919
3. Ernesto, b. 1921
4. Keith, b. 1923




David Charles's cattle brand

(1) "A 95 años de la Primera Sociedad Rural de Las Heras", Fabio Riquelme; Names of British settlers
(2) Monumental Inscription, Cemetery, Las Heras
Thanks: Michael O'Byrne (II-2018); Gisela Charles (IV-2021)
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Last updated: 10-V-2021