The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

+  +  Las Heras Cemetery: some "British" names  +  +

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Name Born Died Age photo Other data from inscription
Charles, David J[ohn] family   5-VIII-1923 58 photo  
Clarh [Clark?], Guillermo Stanley 2-IX-1921 22-VII-1930   photo  
Grant, Guillermo P.   3-II-1974   photo  
Grant, Ronald Neil   4-VI-1995 63 photo  
MacLeod, Daisy Luisa 8-X-1924 30-V-1978   photo wife of Toledo
MacLeod, Peter Macdonald 14-II-1916
Tolska Chaolais,
3-VIII-1976   photo Estancia Macanudo; erected by his family in the Isle of Lewis
Nicolía Jameson, Francisco   14-I-1967   photo  
R. de Grant, Isabel   24-VIII-1977   photo  
Rutter, Olga C. 11-VII-1903 29-IX-1982   photo  
Walker, Denis César 2-IV-1961 24-XII-2007   photo  
Wilson, Carlos O. 1-VIII-1946 13-X-1999   photo  

Updated: 22-II-2018