The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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Robert Sutherland, brand

Annie + Robert

Edith, c1926


b. 1876 Badnellan, Clyne (near Brora), Sutherland; son of Jane SUTHERLAND (b. 1838 Clyne; d. 1897 Clyne); putative father Robert SUTHERLAND; to Patagonia; 1903 requests lot at Puerto Santa Cruz; 1907 shepherd at Angostura, Río Chalía, Prov. Santa Cruz; d. 1926 Santa Cruz; bur. Piedrabuena

m. 1907 Santa Cruz

Annie Maud ATKINS

b. 1879 Shallow Cove, Fitzroy River, Falkland Islands; dtr of Richard ATKINS, shepherd, & Isabella WINGRAVE; d. 1946 Santa Cruz; bur. Piedrabuena
[Annie's brother Alfred Percival ATKINS (1887-1942) is buried in the same cemetery]
[her sister Jessie ATKINS (1876-1940) is buried in Puerto Santa Cruz]


1. Isabel Elena, b. 1908 Santa Cruz; m. Silverio PLATERO (Estancia La Estelita, zona Pampa Alta); d. 1989 Santa Cruz; bur. Piedrabuena, with descent

2. Juana Isabel (Jane Elizabeth), b. 1909 Santa Cruz; m. Isidoro MARQUESTAU (Estancia Río Seco, zona Laguna Grande)

3. Edith Thelma ("Timmy"), b. 1911 Santa Cruz; m. Cyril WILLIAMS (administrator, Estancia La Federica, zona Lago San Martín); d. 1960 Santa Cruz; bur. Piedrabuena, with descent

4. Anita, b. 1912 Santa Cruz; m. Antonio LINARES (Estancia Los Mellizos, zona Laguna Grande); d. 2000 Santa Cruz;  bur. Piedrabuena, with descent

5. María Winifred ("Winnie") m. Fructuoso SUÁREZ (Estancia San Nicolás, zona Laguna Grande)

6. Roberto G(ordon?) ("Tito"); b. 1914; Estancia Los Juncos, zona Laguna Grande; d. 2002 Santa Cruz; bur. Piedrabuena

7. Celina Argentina ("Lina"); b. 1921; m. Rolf KNOOP (administrator, Estancia Julia / La Julia, zona Corpen / Chonke Aike); d. 1994 Santa Cruz; bur. Piedrabuena, with descent

8. Dorotea; m. Servando RAMOS (Estancia La Ensenada, zona Río Chalía - Sehuen)

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"Doña Anita", by Hugh Lively, published in Argentina Austral, No. 179, May 1946 (text in Spanish)

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2. Registro Policial de Marcas de Ganado Mayor, Manuel Vásquez, 1923
3. Photos and research: Jean Lawson (II-2018) ; Carlos Nuevo (III-2018)
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