The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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Cape Fairweather (Cabo Buen Tiempo), Río Gallegos, Argentina

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[A selection of images from the Rudd photo collection]

two men four men
Peter Smith (of Coy Inlet) Constanduros, William Adams, Nigel Dobrée, Wm. G. Rudd
four children
Jim, Molly, Fred and a Mackay-Smith[?] with rabbits
three men girl
Simon Wilson, John E. Rudd and José Rivera Unidentified girl (lantern slide - glass)
horse transport
Mrs. John Smith; McKay family (Jimmy, Olive?, 2 children), Coy Aike
hope loewenthal
William Hope (of San Julián) Max Loewenthal (1900)
man on horse
Unidentified rider
captain message
Captain Weiss, Hamburg (1911) Message on reverse of Weiss photograph
Thanks: John Rudd (III-2012)
Last updated: 18-III-2012