The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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family group

Photo collections of earlier times, both published and private
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[further contributions are welcomed]

c1873 --> c1922 various locations William & Mary Halliday portraits
(10 photos)
c1890 --> c1930 various locations Jack & Ann Rudd family (6 photos);
relatives (12 photos);
others (10 photos)
c1893 --> 1964 various locations Chris & Mary Pettersen groups, portraits
(12 photos)
c1895 --> c1940 various locations Ernest & Sara Hobbs groups, portrait
(3 photos)
c1900 --> c1915
Santa Cruz province, Argentina
c1902 --> 1925 Magallanes, Chile Henry & Sarah Poirier portraits, building, memorial
(10 photos)
c1905 --> 1914 Santa Cruz province, Argentina Edwin & Mary Beecher portrait, car, hotel etc.
(4 photos)
c1906 Magallanes, Chile Ronald & Edith Aries groups, church etc.
(5 photos)
c1910 --> c1930
groups etc.
(3 photos)
c1910 --> c1940 North Arm Station, Magallanes James & Agnes Fell farm buildings, activities
(4 photos)
c1910 --> c1975
various locations
family groups etc.
(11 photos)
c1911 --> c1932 Punta Arenas and Río Gallegos Keith Patterson
(son of John & Elizabeth)
portrait, activities, groups
(8 photos)
c1918 --> c1943 Río Gallegos John Patterson places (8 photos)
events (6 photos)
people (13 photos)
c1915 --> c1925 Estancia Gente Grande, Tierra del Fuego (Chilean sector) Wallace & Susan Maud Davey children
(4 photos)
1916 --> c1938 Punta Arenas Francis Paton & Lillian Hardy people (3 photos)
Puerto Bories,
Última Esperanza, Chile
Carlos Foresti
freezing works
(26 photos from PatFotos.org)
Estancia Cameron, Tierra del Fuego (Chilean sector)
James & Mary McVinnie
(5 photos)
c1920 --> c1950
Santa Cruz province, Argentina
family members
(7 photos)
1926 Estancia Markatch-Aike, Santa Cruz province, Argentina William Mackenzie & Fridiofine Dill family groups etc.
(4 photos)
Estancia José Menéndez,
Tierra del Fuego (Argentine sector)
ranch scenes and activities
(20 photos from PatFotos.org)
Estancia Cerro Guido,
Última Esperanza, Chile
Richard & Lisbeth Lauezzari
Estancia Punta Alta,
Santa Cruz, Argentina
ranch scenes
(3 photos)
c1930--> 1948 Santa Cruz province, Argentina Niall & Dorothy Lawless people + places
(5 photos)
c1945 Magallanes, Chile Sydney & Lottie Hamann people
(1 photo)
c1950--> Estancia Los Manantiales, Santa Cruz, Argentina David Walker & Mary Kemp family
(3 photos)
Updated: 27-I-2015