The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

+  +  Photo Album: Rudd relatives  +  +
Cape Fairweather (Cabo Buen Tiempo), Río Gallegos, Argentina

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[A selection of images from the Rudd photo collection]

group two men
Annie, Margaret and Mabel Halliday, Oban (1904) Archie Halliday and Will Lewis
father+son group
Herbert and Carlos Felton Charles Bartlett with Felton family (1903)
large group
McGeorge's, Morrison's and Rudd's
Early days: North Arm Station, Chile (Ea. Brazo Norte, Fell family)
group two sisters
Agnes, Janie, John and Will Fell with Alister Morrison Ann McCall Rudd and Agnes McCall Fell
couple foursome
William Fell and Agnes Rudd Annie and J. R. Rudd with John and Jean Fell
henry two girls
Henry Jamieson Helen Mary and Henrietta Coy Jamieson
Thanks: John Rudd (III-2012)
Last updated: 16-III-2012