The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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Name Born Died    Age photo Other data from inscription
Collins, Alicia Maria Maud 23-III-1895 19-IX-1988   link wife of Santiago HALLIDAY
Halliday, Agnes Jane   11-VII-1938 62 link wife of George MCGEORGE link
Halliday, John   17-IV-1939 59 link husband of Catherine JOHNSTON link
Halliday, Lorna Alicia 29-III-1924 15-XI-1992   link wife of David James BAIN
Halliday, Mabel 23-III-1888 5-XII-1974   link wife of Ernest MILLER link
Halliday, Santiago 12-V-1893
Hill Station
8-XII-1966   link husband of Alice COLLINS link
Halliday, William 10-X-1845 27-VI-1917   link husband of Mary MCCALL link
Halliday, William 24-X-1877 18-I-1890   link son of William & Mary HALLIDAY link
McCall, Mary 13-VII-1854 17-VI-1917   link wife of William HALLIDAY link
Miller, Ernest Alexander 24-III-1883
Perth, Scotland
7-VII-1966   link husband of Mabel HALLIDAY, father of Donald

Photos: by author, III-2012
Thanks: Edward Halliday (III-2012)
Updated: 10-III-2012