The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

+  +  Rural Cemetery, Ea. Moy Aike Grande, Santa Cruz  +  +
"British" names

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Name Born Died    Age photo Other data from inscription
Brown, Kenneth Ivon 30-VII-1901 10-XII-1962   link O.B.E.; husband of Mayo JAMIESON
Halliday, Mary 20-VII-1876 29-XI-1953   link wife of Henry W. JAMIESON link
Jamieson, Alejandro Guillermo 20-VI-1898 28-V-1979   link husband of Mary PATTERSON link
Jamieson, Alejandro Guillermo ("William") 18-VI-1942 23-III-2004   link  
Jamieson, Eileen Enriqueta Mavis 31-X-1935 1-XII-1946   link  
Jamieson, Enrique Halliday ("Harry") 3-VIII-1905 2-XI-1976   link link
Jamieson Brown, G. Mayo 31-V-1915 14-X-1973   link wife of Kenneth Ivon BROWN
Jamieson, Henry W. 9-VII-1859 29-XI-1918
Buenos Aires
  link link
Jamieson, Robert George 14-X-1907 18-III-1908   link link
Patterson Jamieson, Sara Margaret ("Tay") 5-X-1909 11-IX-1989   link link
Patterson, Mary 2-X-1905 5-III-1999   link wife of Alec JAMIESON link

Photos: by author, III-2012
Thanks: Yolanda Bertrand (III-2012)
Updated: 10-III-2012