The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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jamieson halliday

Henry William JAMIESON Aiken, b. 1859 Yatala, Port Adelaide, Australia; son of Alexander James JAMIESON & Helen AIKEN; 1883 to Patagonia; 1887 at Ea. Moy Aike; 1888-90 participant in Great Sheep Drive (Gran Arreo) from Río Negro to Río Gallegos; d. 1918 Buenos Aires; bur. Moy Aike Grande

m. 1897, ceremony at Ea. Moy Aike, reception at Ea. Hill Station, Santa Cruz

Mary HALLIDAY McCall (see HALLIDAY--MACCALL) b. 1876 Falkland Islands [Malvinas]; d. 1953 Buenos Aires; bur. Moy Aike Grande


1. Alexander William ["Alec"], b. 1898; m. Mary PATTERSON, 4 children; d. 1979; bur. Moy Aike Grande
2. Helen Mary, b. 1899; d. 1945
3. Henrietta Coy ["Hettie"], b. 1901; d. 1987
4. Enrique Halliday ["Harry"], b. 1905; m1. 1930 Buenos Aires to Sara Margarita ["Tay"] PATTERSON, 2 children; m2. Myra PETERSEN; d. 1976; bur. Moy Aike Grande
5. Robert George; b. 1907; d. 1908; bur. Moy Aike Grande
6. Juan Archibaldo ["John" or "Jack"], b. 1911; 1936 visited Melbourne, Australia to study Corriedale sheep; m. 1938 Eileen Agnes PATTERSON, 3 children; d. 1972
7. Georgina May; b. 1915; m. Kenneth Ivon BROWN; d. 1973; bur. Moy Aike Grande


JAMIESON Family Burial Ground: Moy Aike Grande, Río Gallegos, Prov. Santa Cruz

(1) Romano García Surname Research, website
(2) Photographs: courtesy of Edward Halliday, John Rudd (III-2012)
(3) Inscriptions, Rural cemetery, Ea. Moy Aike Grande
Additional Information: Jorge Jamieson (III-2012); Diana Piel (VI-2013)
Last updated: 2-XII-2013