The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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Other data from inscription
Bain, Angus Roberto [Robert] link 28-XII-1887 15-XII-1963   photo  
Bain, Elizabeth Barbara   28-II-1918 17m photo  
Bain, Guillermo Juan [William John]   7-IX-1992   photo  
Barnetson, David link   20-V-1953 76 photo husband of Ana Cozzetti
Barnetson, David Santiago [James] link   16-VII-1954   photo  
Barnetson, Epfrain [Efrain] link 9-III-1914 12-XII-1988   photo  
Barnetson de Fernández, Margarita [Margaret] link 28-XI-1915 13-I-198x   photo  
Burton, Estela Nelli [Nelly] 3-II-1943   6m photo  
Byrne, Fernando   16-VII-1982   photo  
Clayton, Thomas H   19-x-1948? 50 photo  
Gordon, Barbara F MacRae   15-VII-1977   photo  
Gordon, Juan [John] Alister   14-XII-1972   photo  
Grant de Amelung, Margorie [Marjorie] Elizabeth link 15-III-1914 15-V-1991   photo  
Hope, Duncan   7-VII-1966   photo  
Hope, Edith W 12-II-1908 7-V-1997   photo  
Hope, Welly   7-X-1974   photo  
Johnston, Jorge [George] Rene 4-IV-1925 18-V-1988 63 photo  
Kelly, Daniel   23-XII-1923   photo  
Lamacraft, William R[ichard] link   12-IX-1953   photo  
Lindsay, Alejandro [Alexander]   22-V-1942?   photo  
MacDonald, Rebeca link 5-X-1895 27-X-1973   photo  
MacDonald, Roberto [Robert] 24-1-1923 31-III-1944   photo  
McLeod, John   22-III-1930 79 photo  
McLeod, John George 12-II-1898? 8-II-1938   photo died in Buenos Aires
McLeod, Margaret McGregor   4-III-1942   photo died in Puerto San Julián
Pickering, Silvia Maria {Syliva Mary] 8-V-1947 8-V-1947   photo  
Rio Kelly, Argelia   31-I-1998   photo  
Roberts, Ricardo [Richard] L 2-VIII-1911 31-X-2000   photo  
Toldness, Juan [John]   8-V-1953   photo Norwegian
Wylson, Carlos [Wilson, Charles] E 18-VII-1875 7-XI-1923   photo  
Wilson, Rafael   20-VI-1972   photo  

Thanks: Inger Qvigstad (XI-2010)
Updated: 05-IV-2011