The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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William BAIN of Lybster, Caithness, fisherman, married Jessie MACGREGOR in Wick in 1875. Seven of their children came to Patagonia:

1. William BAIN; b. 1877; 1896 to Santa Cruz; shepherd; see BAIN—SINCLAIR

2. Donald BAIN; 1904 to Santa Cruz; settled at Puerto Deseado


Helen [???]

Children (all born Puerto Deseado, Anglican baptism 1919):
Angus Robert; b. 1914
David Ross; b. 1915
Jessie McGregor; b. 1916
Donald Ross; b. 1918

3. Angus Robert BAIN; b. 1887; 1908 to Santa Cruz; d. 1963; buried Puerto Deseado

4. George BAIN; b. c1890; 1906 to Santa Cruz; see BAIN—MACKAY

5. David BAIN

6. Jessie Lizzie BAIN; b. c1894; m. (Anglican ceremony) 1919 Puerto Deseado to Angus SHAW; d. 1983; buried Río Gallegos

7. Rebecca Sinclair BAIN; b. 1895; m. 1917 Puerto Deseado to Lachlan MACDONALD; d. 1973; buried Puerto Deseado

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Last update: 17-XII-2011