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Cemetery, Río Gallegos
Some "British" Names

Note: This list is incomplete. Data has been collected from Sections 31-36 and 38: there are many sections that we have not yet visited.

Other data from inscriptions
Alvarado Davidson, María Elba 6-I-1930 29-I-1999   photo  
Bain de Shaw, Jessie family   23-II-1983   photo  
Beecher, Allan Eduardo [Edward] 17-XI-1939 7-XI-1997   photo  
Blackley, Violet May   24-XI-1977 77 photo son Colin
Blackwood, Eduardo [Edward] 3-VII-1930 13-XII-2007   photo  
Bremner M, Alexander   20-II-1940   photo  
Bremner, Alice K   --   photo  
Bull, Alberto [Albert] Benjamin 16-V-1958 28-XI-1990   photo  
Bull, Ernesto [Ernest] 17-II-1926 30-XII-1996   photo  
Bull, Haydee Elba 24-XII-1916 15-VII-1992   photo  
Bull, Mariela 26-II-1968 22-VII-1991   photo  
Cameron, Daniel (Doni) 19-XII-1914,
San Julián
12-II-1995   photo  
Campos Steel, Luis M   3-II-1998   photo  
Clark, Horacio Raúl   7-VIII-1984   photo  
Clark, Jaime [James] Argentino 28-VI-1912 2-IV-1981   photo  
Clark, Julia Dora   14-VIII-1986   photo  
Coleman de Paice, Emily family 27-II-1889,
Port Stanley
2-III-1966   photo  
Cormack, John   16-VII-1938 68 photo  
Craik, Ricardo Ernesto [Richard Ernest] 10-XII-1955 17-III-1992   photo  
Davidson, Susan S   17-VIII-1959 51 photo  
Davidson, William   31-X-1943 57 photo  
Davies, Esther 9-XII-1916 7-VII-1997   photo  
Dickie, Angel Banciella 1-VII-1926 14-I-1999   photo  
Dickie, George Duncan 14-X-1916 7-XI-1999   photo  
Dickie, Guillermo [William] K R   6-V-1974   photo  
Dodman, Carlos [Charles] 8-V-1904 8-VI-1978   photo  
Dodman, Malvina G 30-VI-1915 9-VIII-1982   photo  
Dodman de Parsons, María [Mary]   5-VIII-1959   photo  
Doherty, Juan [John] 24-XII-1895 24-XII-1963   photo  
Doolan de López, Ernestina 29-V-1933 25-V-2001   photo  
Douglas, Amanda E family 10-VII-1916 21-VI-1995   photo  
Douglas O, Jorge [George] A family   29-IX-1930   photo  
Fell de Núñez, Dora Rae   30-V-1943 27 photo  
Felton, Guillermo [William] 7-IX-1886 17-V-1961   photo  
Fernández Bull, Diego [James] Martín   14-VI-1978   photo  
Francis, John W J 30-XI-1908,
Cardiff, South Wales
at sea
  photo father D J Francis
Gallardo Stout, Pedro [Peter] Dionisio 20-II-1951 2-IX-2006   photo  
Gleadell, Margarita [Margaret] 8-II-1924 1-VIII-2002   photo  
Hawkins, John Henry   21-X-1931 66 photo  
Hawkins, May Haffenden   27-III-1945 75 photo  
Head, Charles Henry   9-IV-1950 24 photo 2nd officer of S.S. "Langton Grange"; drowned
Hendry, John Caithness, Scotland 22-V-1945 62 photo  
Humphreys, David   2-IV-1965   photo  
Humphreys, Paula Andrea   18-X-1975   photo  
Kingman, Gladis Violeta [Gladys Violet] 19-II-1934 21-XII-1983   photo  
Laight, Carlos [Charles] H 16-VI-1928 29-III-1995   photo  
Laight, Charles Ewart 5-III-1899 17-II-1988   photo  
Lambert, Arthur R[onald] 13-X-1901 18-IV-1988   photo  
Mackenzie, William A   24-IV-1947   photo  
Mackinnon, Colina Margaret Jane   -- 8 photo parents John & Mina Mackinnon; memorial erected 1921
Mackinnon, Donald Alexander   -- 11 photo ditto
Mackinnon, Mary Alice   -- 8m photo ditto
MacPhee, Kenneith [Kenneth]   28-VII-1922 64 photo  
Masters, Elinor A family 4-VIII-1904 10-II-1924   photo parents Percival & Jessie Masters
McCaskill, Neil 12-I-1906 12-VII-1984?   photo  
McGillivray, Alexander   16-II-1945 43 photo parents Duncan & Mary McGillivray of Lettermore, Aeros, Scotland
Molesworth, Bevil 10-XI-1871 15-III-1898   photo  
Morrison, Lastenia Alejandrina 3-XI-1943 22-VII-2003   photo  
O'Dare, Manuel   20-I-1954   photo "socio fundador del Centro de Contratistas de Esquila"
Paice Bond, Herbert family 1-X-1887,
Port Stanley
12-II-1967   photo  
Paice C, Richard family   1-III-1915   photo  
Patterson, Juan [John] family 23-I-1874 23-VII-1945   photo  
Peizzie [Pizzie], Ralph Arthur   --   photo  
Ritchie, Diego [James] E   5-I-1924   photo "vicepresidente de la brigada Río Gallegos, Liga Patriotica Argentina"
Robinson, Esther 17-X-1915 22-X-2000   photo  
Scott, Mery [Mary] 22-I-1914 26-III-1979   photo  
Shaw, Angus   22-IV-1948   photo  
Shaw, Donald N 7-I-1921 30-IV-1991   photo  
Shaw, Marion   2-VI-1969 43 photo  
Smith, Isabel M VI-1889 VII-1960   photo  
Speake, Ernesto [Ernest] (Nucki) 16-IX-1923 4-IV-1956   photo  
Stewart, Angel   2-XI-1981   photo  
Stout, Carlos [Charles] 5-IV-1927 18-I-1997   photo  
Stout, Margarita [Margaret] I 26-IX-1949 13-I-1951   photo  
Surman, Cecilia 13-VIII-1909 24-III-1998   photo  
Taylor, Enrique [Henry] (son)   13-VIII-1948   photo  
Walker, Sara Anita [Sarah Ann]   2-XI-2000   photo  
Wallis, Mary   12-VIII-1947   photo husband T A Wallis
Wallis, Thomas A   28-IV-1941   photo  
Watson de Doherty, Elvira 13-XI-1906 30-III-1971   photo  
Wilson, Alberto [Albert]   8-VII-1966?   photo  
Wilson, Arturo [Arthur] A   10-VIII-1959 69 photo  
Wilson, Isabella [Elizabeth]   7-I-1934   photo husband Robert Dryburgh

Updated: 5-IV-2011