The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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Some "British" Names from the Burial Register (1945-1990)

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Person Date of Death Age
Bain, Donald 27-V-1965  
Begg, Eric Joseph 1-IV-1986 77
Bracking Olivares, Yaqueline [Jacqueline] Berenice 14-IV-1964  
Briges, Guillermo Samuel [Bridges, William Samuel] link 25-IX-1951 64
Christman Lake, Roberto Ernesto [Christmas Lake, Robert Ernest] 17-IX-1969 73
Clapeott [Clapcott], Frank 23-V-1946  
Fraser, Roberto [Robert] 31-X-1982 66
Gifford, Federico Tomás [Frederick Thomas] 11-VII-1963 71
Goodall, Juan [John] 20-III-1955  
Hermiston, Guillermo [William] 25-XI-1950 68
Kerr Duncan, Carlos [Charles] 17-V-1955  
Kirk Russell, Alejandro [Alexander] 1-V-1990 82
Kirsk [Kirk?], David 11-XII-1952 40
Lye y Whuler [Wheeler?], William Frank 15-II-1964 70
Mac Phel, Sara [Macphail?, Sarah] 23-III-1986 90
Macleod, Donald 12-I-1964 75
Matherson, Alejandro [Matheson, Alexander] 12-II-1961  
McDonald, Finlay 24-VI-1962 65
Mullins de Ferrando, Dorotea [Dorothy] 1-X-1969 53
Mullins, Jorge [George] Nelson 18-VII-1967 3
Mullins, Peter 19-VI-1955  
Munday vda. de Begg, Marta [Martha] 31-VII-1953 78
Reynolds, Roberto Tomás [Robert Thomas] 24-II-1964 52
Riach, Guillermo [William] 1-XII-1960  
Scott, Pablo [Paul] 4-IX-1953  
Show [Shaw?] de Macdonald, Elena Margarita [Helen Margaret] 26-VI-1967 80
Slattery de Christmas, Emilia Carmen 9-III-1972  
Slattery Knowles, Santiago [James] 19-VI-1988 76
Soto Walker, Matilde Elena 17-VII-1982  
Stewart, Hector 12-XII-1977  
Stirling Bayne [Bain?], Dorothy Maria [Mary] 7-XI-1981 66
Stirling, Santiago [James] 21-IX-1959  
Stout Obando, Sandra Liliana [Lilian] 7-XII-1964 6m
Sutherland, Carlos [Charles] 23-V-1967 77
Sutherland, David 11-I-1952 48
Sutherland, Edith Mercedes Margorie [Marjory] 27-V-1985 63
Sutherland, William 10-II-1967 83
Waighte, Enrique [White?, Henry] 26-VI-1953 58
Walrtley, Herberto [Hartley?, Herbert] 1-VI-1945  
Wilson, Roberto Reginaldo [Robert Reginald] 23-IV-1988 66
Thanks: Cemetery Office for allowing access to their register
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