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World War I, 1914-1918
Magellan Times, Sample News Items #4


all the names / todos los nombres

Trading with the Enemy : Local Actions of British Government
During the latter part of last week vague and half-formed rumours floated into the commercial air of Punta Arenas, causing no small consternation. Though still weird and misshapen, they have by this time attained a form that can be spoken of without a too great risk of exaggeration. It is said that various Chilean business houses have been presented by the British Government with the choice of either retaining their trade with England and the Colonies or of dispensing with the services of Austro-German employees, managers and directors. Certain it is that Messrs Stubenrauch, Curtze and Trede have resigned their seats on the directorate of the Bank of Punta Arenas - and we have reason now to believe that the British Government passed the act relative to trading with the enemy with the real purpose not of toleration but of prohibition...
Persons and business houses with whom trade with Britain is forbidden are named by an order in Council upon the recommendation of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, and the list may on occasion be similarly altered or augmented. Such an occasion, it would appear, from the statement of Mr. Maurice Braun [Russian immigrant and local businessman] in last night's "Magallanes" has arisen. This gentleman, as president of the Bank, was advised by His Majesty's resident Vice-Consul of the intention of the British Government to include the Bank of Punta Arenas in the list of the prohibitions in view of the large German element in its business management. Naturally, since the Bank does not stand by any means in a vacuum or even largely in a Chilean or German atmosphere, but is mainly dependent upon British recognition, the ultimatum, for such it was, has been accepted. Resignations were offered and taken and the vacant seats on the Board of Directors have been occupied by Messrs. Fco. Campos and E. W. Hobbs. Who pays the piper calls the tune. And we trust without any personal animus that many more will be induced to join the dance...   [20 April 1916]

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