The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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Some publications and repositories that I have used in compiling this site

Source Materials

Books & Pamphlets  (41)
Official Registers  (20)
Academic Papers  (9)
Monuments  (12)
Web Pages  (5)
Archives  (7)
Electronic Books  (6)
Newspapers & Magazines  (8)

Libraries and Archives

Chile, Punta Arenas Observations
Anglican Church (St. James)
memorial plaques are on the interior walls
Biblioteca del Patrimonio Austral
contemporary and older publications about the region
Cemetery, Municipal
office has computerized records; there is a "British" section
Civil Registrar
mandatory registration of births, marriages and deaths since 1885; offices throughout the country
Instituto de la Patagonia,
University of Magallanes
books and archives of local interest, old newspapers, theses etc
Library, Municipal
books of local interest, and a variety of old newspapers
Prensa Austral
the newspaper office has copies of most years since foundation of "El Magallanes"
Regional Museum
located in the former Menéndez family mansion
Chile, Santiago
National Archives
copious records on the region
Great Britain
Public Record Office,
Kew, London
consular records relating to Punta Arenas
United States
LDS Family History Library,
Salt Lake City, Utah
has filmed some church and civil registers; lending facilities worldwide, through local Family History Centres

Last updated: 26-III-2012