The British Presence
in Southern Patagonia

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Donald & Margaret Maclennan
+ son Donald, c1897

Alexander Maclennan

Donald MACLENNAN (b. 1831 Heights of Kinlochewe, Gairloch; sheep farmer, cattle-dealer; d 1918 Muir of Ord) married Margaret MACLEAN (b 1851 Gairloch; d 1918 Muir of Ord) in 1871 at Urray. The couple emigrated in 1871 to Canada, but returned to Scotland shortly after. Three of their children came to Patagonia, as follows:


1. Alexander MACLENNAN; b 1871 Toronto, Canada; son of Donald MACLENNAN & Margaret MACLEAN; second cousin of John MACLEAN and Colin MACLEAN; raised in Muir of Tarradale; baker; 1889 joined the army (Cameron Highlanders)—discharged 9 months later due to medical reasons; c1895 emigrated to Patagonia; 1895 Río Grande, spent several months at Salesian Mission; 1896 passenger on the “Azopardo”, ran aground at Río Grande; foreman at Estancia Primera Argentina; became one of the best known indian hunters - nicknamed “Chancho Colorado” (literally, "Red Pig"); 1897 wounded by arrow in the spine; 1906 justice of peace in Rio Grande; d. 1917 Punta Arenas; did not marry; no descent ; memorabilia; Scottish memorial


2. Roderick MACLENNAN; b 1873 Balvaird, Urray; son of Donald MACLENNAN & Margaret MACLEAN; 1891 emigrated to Patagonia; d 1896 Punta Arenas; did not marry; no descent; Scottish memorial


3. Donald MACLENNAN; b. 1889 Muir of Tarradale, Urray; son of Donald MACLENNAN & Margaret MACLEAN; 1908 emigrated to Punta Arenas; lived in Tierra del Fuego, San Julián and Comodoro Rivadavia; d. 1936 Kilómetro Ocho, Comodoro Rivadavia

m. 1918 Punta Arenas

Annie Elizabeth LARSEN; b. 1900 Punta Arenas, daughter of Fritz Lauritz LARSEN (carpenter and last owner of the schooner “Emma”) & Annie Elizabeth MILLS; raised by BRAGG family in Punta Arenas (Hotel Caledonia); d. 1977 Neuquén


1. Donald Alejandro, b. 1919 Punta Arenas; m. 1941 Punta Arenas to Elvira MATULICH; d. 1964 Santiago; buried Punta Arenas
2. Gustavo Andrés, b. 1920 Rospentek; d. Río Gallegos; unmarried
3. Margarita, b. 1924 San Julián; m1. 1955 San Julián to Francisco LARROSA; m2. 1963 Santiago to Wilfred JACKSON; living in Santiago
4. María Concepción [Mary], b. 1927 San Julián; m. Julio Amado GAONA; d. 2007 Neuquén
5. Juan Guillermo [John], b. 1930 San Julián; d. 1960 El Turbio; buried San Julián

Source:  Francisco Jackson (I-2008, III-2011)
Last updated: 8-II-2014