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British Families in Southern Patagonia

John MACLEAN, b. 1860 Gairloch, Ross-shire, Scotland, son of Donald MACLEAN & Elizabeth (Betsy) FRASER; cousin of Colin MACLEAN; second cousin of Alexander MACLENNAN (Chancho Colorado); 1883 to Montevideo; to Río San Julián and Río Gallegos, Prov. Santa Cruz; brought sheep from Falkland Islands [Malvinas]; 1887 purchased plot in Punta Arenas; 1888-90 participant in Great Sheep Drive (Gran Arreo) from Río Negro to Río Gallegos; 1889 formed ranching company in Argentina with cousin Meyrick MACLEAN; 1889 ranching contract with Enrique WAGNER; 1891 obtained temporary rights to farm 10,000 ha. east of Laguna Blanca, Magallanes, Chile; 1894 bought lands at Río del Zurdo, Prov. Santa Cruz, from Juan HAMILTON (acting as agent of Adolfo GRUNBEIN); 1897 explored area around Lago Balmaceda, Última Esperanza; 1902 appointed honorary comisario ("sheriff") at Punta del Monte, Magallanes (near Oazy Harbour) (official correspondence ); c1905 4-month trek to Río Balmaceda; c1906 forced to abandon area after land-sale to SETF; c1908 living in Puerto Natales; 1910 provided use of family house for the town's first school; 1914 worked lands on Canal Lescano (or San Juan), Última Esperanza, producing lumber, cattle and sheep; 1918 petitioned government (English / Español) for permission to remain on this land;  d. 1940 Puerto Natales
mary ann john
John & Mary Ann MacLean

m. 1894 Punta Arenas;

Mary Ann CAMERON, b. 1875 Black Rock, Falklands [Malvinas] (see CAMERON--MACCALL); d. 1920 Puerto Natales;
1. Juan Daniel, b. 1895; d. 1978; unmarried
2. Santiago Guillermo, b. 1897; d. 1967; (see MAC-LEAN--BARRIENTOS, below)
3. Juana, b. 1898; d. 1986; (see MORRISON--MAC-LEAN)
4. Marie Isabel [Mary Elizabeth/Betty], b. 1900 Punta del Monte, Magallanes; d. 1990; (see GONZÁLEZ--MAC-LEAN)
5. Carlos Tomás, b. 1902 Punta del Monte, Magallanes; d. 1987; (see MAC-LEAN--VIDAL, below)
6. Susana Edith, b. 1904; d. 1992; (see LEGÜE--MAC-LEAN)
7. Francisco Dugy [Douglas?/Dugald?], b. 1907 Río Balmaceda, near Puerto Natales; d. 1970; unmarried
8. Rodrigo Duncan, b. 1908 Río Balmaceda, near Puerto Natales; d. 1996 Puerto Natales; see (MAC-LEAN--FISTANIC, below)
9. Cluny Cave, b. 1911 Río Balmaceda, near Puerto Natales; d. 1951; (see MAC-LEAN--AGUILAR, below)
10. Murdo Domingo, b. 1912; d. 1989; m. Zorka Neda BLAZINA Dollenz (1917-1983); no descent
11. Rebeca Mabel May, b. 1915; d. 1993; (see ÁLVAREZ COSTE--MAC-LEAN)
12. Margarita Violeta Natalia, b. 1917; d. 2008; (see VELÁSQUEZ--MAC-LEAN)
13. Elena Patricia Jassie, b. 1920; d. 1987; m1. (see ÁLVAREZ CÁRDENAS--MAC-LEAN); m2. Juan Aniceto ALTAMIRANO Díaz (1902-1995), no descent

Murdo (Murdoch) MACLEAN; b. 1870 Gairloch?; son of Donald MACLEAN & Elizabeth (Betsy) FRASER; brother of John MACLEAN ; to Patagonia; d. c1906 Balmaceda sector, near Puerto Natales; buried at Isla de los Muertos, Canal Eberhard (Puerto Prat)


Santiago Guillermo MAC-LEAN Cameron; (see MACLEAN-CAMERON, above)
Blanca BARRIENTOS Gallardo; b. 1904; d. 1964;
1. Enrique, b. 1931
2. Murdo Alise, b. 1932; d. 1978
3. Flor María, b. 1933
4. Daissy Isabel, b. 1935
5. Eliana, b. 1938; d. 1938
6. Guillermo Sergio, b. 1938??
7. Ruth Mary, b. 1942
8. Blanca Catalina, b. 1940, d. 1946
9. José Miguel, b. 1945
10. Erika Marina, b. 1946
11. América Esther, b. 1946; d. 1949


Carlos Tomás MAC-LEAN Cameron; (see MACLEAN-CAMERON, above)
Mercedes VIDAL Núñez, b. 1935;
1. Ana María, b. 1961
2. Carlos Eduardo, b. 1963; d. 1996??


Rodrigo Duncan MAC-LEAN Cameron; (see MACLEAN-CAMERON, above)
Filomena FISTANIC Kuscic, b. 1915; d. 1988;
1. Rodrigo, b. 1932


Cluny Cave MAC-LEAN Cameron; (see MACLEAN-CAMERON, above)
Adelaida AGUILAR Espicel, b. 1914; d. 1997
1. Silvia Flor
2. Sonia Edith, b. 1934

Source: Juan Mac-Lean G., family papers (VIII-2000)
Additional information: Rodrigo Mac-Lean F. (II-2005); Anne Mackintosh (VII-2010); Francisco Jackson (IV-2011)
Thanks: Arturo González M.
Last updated: 2-XII-2013; 3-II-2016