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Photograph Albums of Southern Patagonia: Beecher--Keen


Studio portrait, 1914
(left-right) Arthur, Mary Elizabeth, Watts Percy, Edwin Frank, Amy, Ida Mary


The first car in Río Gallegos, c1905
Edwin Beecher's "Star" automobile was built in Wolverhampton, England.
Group includes: Edwin Frank Beecher, Max Loewenthal, Halliday, Fenton


"The White Elephant" hotel and restaurant, 1908
Built by Edwin Beecher on Calle Zapiola at the corner of Rivadavia, Río Gallegos
Group includes: John Cormack, Edwin Beecher, John Hawkins, Chapman.


Hotel celebration menu, 1907
(an impressive offering, little of which would have been locally produced)

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Thanks: Pablo Gustavo Beecher (V-2008)
Last updated: 30-I-2009