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The British in Punta Arenas, c1920
(a Chilean view)

The book "Los Británicos en Punta Arenas" presents a glossy picture (with numerous photographs) of the extensive British participation in the local economy of the 1920s. The following individuals and firms are mentioned in the text. The abbreviation "P.A." stands for "Punta Arenas".

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Bayes, Arthur B.
manages Estancia Kimire Aike (Punta Delgada) for the Patagonia Sheep Farming Company
Betteridge, T. C.
interim vice-consul in P.A.; rep. in Chile for "Cooper's Dip"
Borger, Alex H. C.
manager of Maisson, Lavelle Ltd
Chamberlain, Cecil A.
manager of Williamson & Cia
Constandouros, Mr.
industrial expert, agent for Morris Littlé Son, Ltd.
Cook, H. A. E.
manager of Casa Vickery's
Esdale, John A.
1911 arrived Chile and P.A.; owner of La Puntarenense
Fell, William
administers Ea. North Arm Ltd, owned jointly with Alexander Morrison
Fenton Jorge, Gustavo
owns Ea.Casimiro (Argentina) (managed by Arturo Fenton)
Fenton Llarides, Thomas (Dr)
founder of family in Chile; surgeon in Chilean army; arrived P.A. 1876; practiced 10 years as doctor; 1882 established estancia that is now owned by family
Fenton, Arthur
son of Dr. Thomas Fenton; living in Argentina; managing Ea. Casimiro belonging to Gustavo Fenton Jorge
Fenton, Magellan
son of Dr. Thomas Fenton; born P.A.; studied in England; 1898 returned to Chile; military service; full-time rancher; 2-1/2 years in WW1, wounded, decorated; returned to P.A. after war, reservist; member of 1st fire company, British Club, Club Hipico; owner of Fenton Station
Fenton, Thomas Gerard (Dr)
son of Dr. Thomas Fenton; living in England
Gallie, Andrew N.
Scot, 1904 arr. Chile, worked for Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego, before setting up in P.A.; director of Soc. Anon. Mercantil de la Patagonia
Hayd, R. H.
manages Estancia Fah (Chile & Argentina) for the Patagonia Sheep Farming Company
Hobbs, Ernest H.
director and partner of Soc. Ganadera Gente Grande; director of Soc. Frigorifica Puerto Sara; First Alcalde (Mayor) of the Junta de Alcaldes of P.A
Hobbs, Percy
owner of Casa Vickery's
Jacobs, Arthur M.
son of L. L. Jacobs; present manager of La Casa Inglesa
Jacobs, L. L.
founder of La Casa Inglesa, retired to Britain
Jones, Tom P.
manager of Frigorifico Rio Seco
Lethaby, Douglas
1899 arrived Chile; worked for Banco de Tarapaca y Londres; then G. & C. Kreglinger, before setting up in P.A.; director of Banco de Chile y Argentina & Soc. Frigorifica de P.A.
Lethaby, P. H.
merchant, founder of Casa Lethaby; he and wife attend personally to shop's customers
Merrick, A. (Captain)
joined Pacific Steam Navigation Company at age 12; rep. in Magallanes for last 4 years
Morrison, Alexander
Ea. Rio Penitente; 1893 concession of public lands; 1906 purchased lands in government auction; owns Ea. North Arm Ltd jointly with William Fell (who administers it); has 2 deer estates in Scotland (Ben Loyal & Rigigil, and Forest of Kinloch), and an estancia in the Falklands
Pye, Ronald H.
manages Estancia Condor (Argentina) for the Patagonia Sheep Farming Company
Riesco, Arthur
owner of Magellan Times; British; enthusiastic sportsman and race-horse breeder
Robins, Mr.
at Estancia Otway with Thomas Saunders
Saunders, Thomas
founder of the industry; partner of Hamilton & Saunders
Smith, W. H.
manager Banco Anglo Sud-Americano Ltda.
Stirling, James
administrator of Ea. Morro Chico; Fenton Station (?), 1st prize Soc. Rural de Magallanes
Townsend, F. H.
principal shareholder of Townsend & Cia; 1899 opened trade between P.A. and London; 1899 founder director of British Assoc. of Magallanes; 1907 founded Frigorifico Puerto Sara (San Gregorio); wife + 3 sons
Townsend, K. H.
reservist, returned to P.A. after WW1
Wildman, Thomas Beauchamp
born 19 May 1888; attended Sherborne school; 1912-1918 vice-consul Puerto Montt; since 29 Dec 1920 vice-consul in P.A.
Woodburr, N. J.
deputy manager Banco Anglo Sud-Americano Ltda.


Banco Anglo Sud-Americano Ltd
manager W. H. Smith, deputy manager N. J. Woodburr
1920 office-bearers (see link)
Casa Lethaby
1912 founded by P. H. Lethaby and Riesco; 1915 sole owner Lethaby; corner of Pedro de Valdivia and Magallanes
Casa Vickery's
founded 1908
Frigorifico Rio Seco
built 1903; owned by The South American Export Syndicate Ltd, 250-300 staff and workers
G & C Kreghinger
rep. in Patagonia (Arg.?) for Thomas Saunders
Giffen College
founded 1914; director Mrs. Giffen; started with 20 pupils, now over 100
Hamilton & Saunders Ltd
founded 1883; operates in Chilean and Argentine Patagonia; owns Ea. Morro Chico and La Portada
La Casa Inglesa
department store, founded 1895 by L. L. Jacobs, over 80 employees
La Puntarenense
ladies and gents clothing, ready-made clothes; calle Bories
Lethaby & Gallie
accounting office and representation of Estancias; est. 1912; P.A. at Pedro Montt 888 (Lethaby); rep. in P.A. for Thomas Saunders
founded 1914; originally printed by Chile Austral; after Dec 1914 on own presses; circulation 1,000 copies in Chile and Argentina; raised funds during WW1, including paying the passages of 120 men sent to England to join H.M's Forces; likewise assisted reintegration of returnees after war, paying 14 days' hotel accommodation in Buenos Aires while they searched for work.
Maisson, Lavelle, Ltd
founded 1920, fine clothing, head office in London and Paris
Morris Littlé Son, Ltd.
founded c1870 in Doncaster, England; specialising in sheep dip and disinfectants; operating in P.A. since 1902, at Calle Valdivia 782
Pacific Steam Navigation Company
in 1839, company sent its first vessel (steamer "Chile") through the Strait of Magellan
Patagonian Sheep Farming Co
main office in London; owned by the Waldron and Wood families
Soc. Anon. de Tierras y Bienes de la Patagonia
founded 1903; owns Otway Station (Chile); Punta Alta (Arg.); owner? Thomas Saunders
Soc. Gen. de Gente Grande
Ernest H. Hobbs is director and partner
Sociedad Rural de Magallanes
established to promote and improve the sheep industry
Townsend & Cia
Punta Arenas; import and general trade; rep. W Bain & Co Ltd, Coatbridge, wire and steel posts; rep. Low & Bonar Ltd, Dundee, hemp and bags etc; rep. Rabone Bros & Co, Birmingham, comerciantes y comisionistas; agent for insurance cos. Lloyds of London and Commercial Union of London
Waldron & Wood
founded 1884-5; see Patagonian Sheep Farming Co (1908) Ltd.
William Cooper & Nephews
specialists in sheep dip
Williamson & Cia
founded 1918, general import / export; represents Williamson, Balfour & Cia of Valparaiso
Williamson, Balfour & Cia
represented in P.A. by Williamson & Cia

Source: "Los Británicos en Punta Arenas", Escobar V., Anibal, Santiago 1922
Last updated: 20-II-2004