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Sociedad Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego (SETF)

Frigorífico Bories
  photo courtesy of Ángela Rodríguez 
Frigorífico Bories, 1950's?  
No history of the region would be complete without mentioning the "Explotadora". Its size, power and extent of operations made it pre-eminent in the development of the land and local economy of Magallanes, and adjacent lands in Argentina.
Seen from the global perspective, this was an early, technically successful, example of agro-industry. Human and material resources were harnessed on a scale unknown to the private rancher. The pursuit of long-term profitability encouraged sound livestock and land management. Relations with politicians and customers (predominantly British and US) were carefully tended.
Many Chileans quickly perceived the company as foreign, paternalistic and dictatorial: laws were passed to "nationalize" its ownership and management. In practice, the Company enjoyed a virtual monopoly, wielding tremendous power in Magallanes. The Company History (1893-1943), being an authorized publication, presented a more favourable, entrepreneurial perspective.

Ea. Caleta Josefina, 1894-1902
Última Esperanza, 1906
Última Esperanza, 1923
Última Esperanza, 1941-42
founders, managers etc.
Puerto Natales, Última Esperanza

Updated: 27-II-2011