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Southern Patagonia, Freezer Plants (Frigoríficos)

sheep in pen
The development of industrial refrigeration technology in the early 20th century allowed Patagonian sheep ranchers to intensify the scale of their operations -- meat joined wool as a major export commodity. Because the season for slaughtering animals lasted only a few months, early operators were obliged to process the perishable parts of the animals rapidly, by canning and fat-rendering. Once carcases could be safely stored for long periods, they were shipped year-round in specially-equipped ships to such large overseas markets as Britain. Early plants were built with foreign capital; later, local entrepreneurs (such as Menéndez and Braun) made important investments.

How did they work? [text in Spanish]

Atlantic Seaboard
Puerto Deseado
Soc. Coop. Frigorífica de Puerto Deseado (Braun-Menéndez)
Cía. Swift de la Plata S.A.
Puerto Santa Cruz
Río Gallegos
New Patagonia Meat & Cold Storage Co.; later, Swift Beef Co. Ltd.
Río Grande
Cía. Frigorífica Argentina de Tierra del Fuego (Menéndez-Braun);
after 1940, Corp. Argentina de Productores de Carnes (C.A.P.)
Strait of Magellan
Puerto Sara
Cía. Frigorífica de la Patagonia (Townsend)
1944--plant capacity (tons): freezing 4,000, storage 4,000
Río Seco
South American Export Import Syndicate / Houlder Brothers Ltd
1944--plant capacity (tons): freezing 2,000, storage 1,400[?]
Punta Arenas
Soc. Frigorífica de Punta Arenas
(with participation of Juan Hoeneisen: little information available)
Tres Puentes
Soc. Juan Hoenisen y Cia Ltda.
1944--plant capacity (tons): freezing 1,200, storage 1,300
[2002--there is a plant operating under the same name]
Ultima Esperanza
Soc. Explotadora de Tierra del Fuego (until 1969)
1944--plant capacity (tons): freezing 3,440, storage 3,440
Puerto Natales
Cía. Frigorífica de Puerto Natales
1944--plant capacity (tons): freezing 3,000, storage 2,000

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Last update: 12-IV-2006