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Alexander Maitland WALKER

b. 1852 Insch, Aberdeenshire; son of George WALKER & Margaret MILNE; 1890 Magallanes, shepherd; 1896 family travelled to Punta Arenas

m. 1872 Oyne, Aberdeenshire



1. Alexander Cruikshank ("Alec"); b. c1871[?]; (continued below)
2. John ("Jack"); b. 1872? Oyne?, Aberdeenshire; (continued below)
3. Adam Cruikshank; b. 1874 Auchterless, Aberdeenshire; (continued below)
4. George; b. 1880 Scotland; 1908 Río Grande, Tierra del Fuego, manager of sheep farm; m. 1908 Punta Arenas, Annie Marie RICHARDSON (b. 1876 England, dtr. of William WARNER, butcher, d.1925 Río Gallegos), widow, witnesses Wilfred GARNETT & Alexr. C. WALKER
5. Alice; b. c1882; m. 1900 Punta Arenas, Frederick BEATTIE, shepherd, Gente Grande, Tierra del Fuego
6. Margarita Ana; b. c1883; m1? 1900 Punta Arenas, Donald MACKAY, shepherd, Gente Grande, Tierra del Fuego; m2?. Mariano ROMERO; 3 children
7. Elsa; unmarried
8. Barbara; 1909 to San Julián with brother Roberto; m. Walter WALLACE; 1 child
9. James; b. 1891[?]; m. Ana FRASER; Ea. La Sarita

Note: The following entry may be incorrect: it is puzzling that there is a child of the same name born to Alexander Cruikshank WALKER and Sarah Ann KELMAN in 1899 ...

10. Roberto Kelman ("Bobby"); youngest child; b. 1895 Aberdeen; 1908 Porvenir, Tierra del Fuego, worked as child in gold diggings; 1909 to San Julián with sister Barbara; rural worker; (continued below)

Note: There is probably another child ...

11. Vanessa Margaret; of Gente Grande, Tierra del Fuego (dtr. of Alexander WALKER, shepherd) m. 1906 Punta Arenas, Wilfred GARNETT (son of Thomas GARNETT, schoolmaster), shepherd at Ea. Gente Grande, witnesses William Carmichael INGLIS & E. F. ASPINALL


Alexander Cruikshank ("Alec") WALKER (from above)

1899 onward at Ea. Gente Grande, shepherd; d. 1928 San Julián

m. 1897 Punta Arenas

Sarah Ann KELMAN

b. c1871 Scotland[?]; dtr. of Robert KELMAN & Isabel PENNIE [PENNY?]


1. John; b. 1898 Ea. Gente Grande; bap. 1904; d. 1949 San Julián
2. Robert Kelman; b. 1899; bap. 1904; d. 1952 San Julián
3. Alexander Maitland; b. 1901; bap. 1904
4. Joseph Kelman; b. 1902; bap. 1904; d. 1987 San Julián
5. Isabel; b. 1905; bap. 1907, godparents Mr. & Mrs. TURNBULL
6. Elspeth; b. 1906; bap. 1907, godparents Mr. & Mrs. BEATTIE
7. Sarah Ermenita; b. 1910; bap. 1910


John WALKER (from above)

1904 Río Gallegos, shepherd; owners of "Hotel Argentino"


Cynthia [Hyacinth] PERGOLIS


William Stuart WALKER, b. 1903, bap. 1904 Gallegos, godparent William Herbert STUART


Adam Cruikshank WALKER (from above)

1899 onward at Ea. Gente Grande, shepherd

m. 1897 Punta Arenas

Janet Margaret Boyd MURRAY

b. c1874 Scotland[?]; dtr. of William MURRAY & Catalina BATHNSON[?}


1. Annie; b. 1898 Tierra del Fuego; bap. 1898
2. William Murray; b. 1899; bap. 1904
3. Barbara; b. 1900; bap. 1904
4. Adam; b. 1902; bap. 1904
5. Amelia[?]; b. 1905[?]; bap. 1905
6. Wilfred Verias[?]; b. 1907; bap. 1908


placa Roberto Kelman ("Bobby") WALKER (from above)

Eas. Vega Grande, Manantiales, Mata Grande; 1927 established Ea. La Margarita; member of Asociación Rural of San Julián; founder member of Cooperativa Agrícola Ganadera; after 1958, water diviner; d. 1972 San Julián

m. 1922

Margarita PERKINS Southby

b. 1898; dtr. of William George PERKINS & Emma Sophia SOUTHBY; from San Julián; d. 1958


1. Gualterio; b. 1923; m. Annie MACLEAN; 4 children; d. 1985
2. David; b. 1925; m. María Margarita KEMP; 3 children; photo album
3. Roberto Allan; b. 1926; m. Mary SPEAKE; 2 children; d. 1982
4. Mauricio (deceased); m. Florencia "Betty" KEMP, dtr. of William KEMP & Florence MACLEAN; 2 children
5. Nelly; m. Esteban BOJANIC; 2 children

Thanks: Carlos Walker (I-2010)
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