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Cemetery, Puerto San Julián
Some "British" Names

A portion of the cemetery at San Julián

Note: The cemetery in San Julián presents a substantial number of "British" names. This is especially noteworthy when one takes into account the town's small population. However, it correlates well with the predominance of sheep-ranching in the early development of the region. San Julián is close to the Falkland Islands [Malvinas], where many Scots sheep-men were employed; at that time, Argentine Patagonia presented them with greater opportunities for land ownership.

Other data from inscriptions
<unknown surname>, Ivonne 23-VIII-1939 22-XI-2003   photo  
Alder, Fredrick [Frederick] George   18-IV-1930 28 photo  
Alder, Ricardo Juan [Richard John]   28-IV-1999   photo  
Alder, Rose Annie   25-VIII-1958 83 photo  
Alder, Stephen   28-V-1949 84 photo  
Alder, Thirza Juana [Joan]   12-VI-1934 21 photo  
Anderson, Andrew James   3-V-1988 58 photo  
Anderson, Catherine MacDonald   7-III-1974 72 photo  
Anderson, James   3-X-1932   photo  
Anderson, John   11-III-1966 66 photo  
Anderson, Nellie Whitson   23-VII-1960   photo  
Anderson, Tomás [Thomas]   --   photo  
Bedatou, Lennox John family   18-VIII-1907 6m photo parents Peter + Sarah
Bedatou, Peter Francis family   2-III-1906 1m photo parents Peter + Sarah
Bedatou, Peter John family   9-XII-1920 3y8m photo parents Peter + Sarah
Buchanan, James Alejandro [Alexander]   18-IV-1955 80 photo  
Burns, Alejandro [Alexander]   --   photo  
Burns, Roberto [Robert]   --   photo  
Butler, Federico [Frederick] Harry Boniface   14-XII-1949   photo  
Cameron, Carmen María   30-IX-2008 95 photo  
Cameron, Daniel   24-III-1975 99 photo  
Cameron, Juan [John]   14-VIII-1976 74 photo  
Cameron, Tomás [Thomas] 23-III-1921 29-XII-2002   photo  
Carr, Jock   2-II-1963   photo  
Chisholm, Kenneth   3-X-1927   photo  
Denholm, Alejandro [Alexander] S family   29-X-1962 75 photo  
Denholm, David Carlos [Charles] family 8-XI-1906 3-III-1968   photo  
Denholm de Kyle, Harriet J family   20-VIII-1954 79 photo  
Denholm de Viagas, Margarita [Margaret] family   1-VII-1967 57 photo  
Denholm, Mary family   8_X-1940 70 photo husband Oliver Hudson
Denholm, Ricardo [Richard] family 15-VIII-1912 8-XII-1997   photo  
Denholm, Robert family 26-XI-1913? 6-IV-1914   photo  
Denholm, Thomas A family   12-III-1938 69 photo from Estancia La Colmena
Denholm, Tomás [Thomas] family 8-IX-1870,
13-XII-1934   photo wife Ana MacMullen; lived in San Julián from 1886; married 16-IX-1899
Douglas, Celia Julieta family 1909 1996   photo  
Douglas de Walker, Haydee family 26-VII-1920 13-I-1994   photo daughter Eliana; aunt Celia
Elliot, Guillermo [William] 9-IX-1898 24-IX-1982   photo  
Ferris, Richard James 11-VII-1915 10-II-1919   photo  
Finlayson, Murdo   VIII-1963   photo  
Foster, Maud   2-XI-1968   photo daughter Alicia [Alice]
Fraser, Duncan   7-XI-1985   photo  
Fraser, Duncan Santiago 24-XI-1923 20-III-2000   photo wife Solveig Fjell; children Carlos + Eileen
Fraser, Dunkan [Duncan]   19-VI-1924,
Estancias Nuevas
28 photo  
Fraser, Elsie Kate   27-V-1963 79 photo  
Fraser, Jean   4-XII-1982   photo  
Fraser, Jorge [George] S   10-III-1979 78 photo  
Fraser, William G   17-XI-1970? 53 photo  
Fraser, William Tomas [Thomas]   5-I-1951 54 photo  
Frazer, Hector Allan   12-IX-1969 51 photo  
Gibbs, Elizabeth Mary Ann   28-X-1946 56 photo  
Gibbs, Sylvester William 12-VI-1904 27-II-1943   photo  
Gifford, Alexander Gifford   26-V-1917 47 photo  
Gifford, Alexandrina Smith 17-XI-1871 21-XII-1952   photo  
Gifford, Eva N de   29-III-1976 89 photo husband Jorge Patricio; grandsons Jorge + Norman
Gifford, Jane 11-II-1907 11-II-1940   photo  
Gifford, Jorge Patricio [George Patrick]   14-I-1944 49 photo wife Eva; grandsons Jorge + Norman
Gifford, Santiago [James] A   30-X-1999 75 photo  
Gleadell, Ana María [Ann Mary] 30-III-1952 10-XI-1999   photo  
Gleadell, Carlos [Charles] Watson 1-X-1908 25-III-1975   photo  
Gleadell, John Denis [Dennis] 7-VIII-1990 15-VIII-1990   photo  
Gleadell, Jorge [George]   28-VI-1938   photo  
Goss, Hector A 2-VIII-1900 27-VII-1984   photo  
Grant, Elisa (Betty) B de 5-X-1915 1-V-1970   photo  
Grant, Jorge Eduardo [George Edward] 2-VI-1903 1-X-1974   photo  
Hawkins, Maria F de   14-VI-1961   photo  
Hawkins, Juan [John] E   31-VIII-1961   photo  
Hope, Santiago [James] 11-XI-1910 23-VII-1978   photo wife Jenny
Hope, Wm [William] 21-XI-1863 3-IV-1923   photo  
Hudson, Mary 1904 1995      
Hudson, Olivario [Oliver] (Oddie) 9-VII-1909 9-XII-1989   photo  
Hudson, Oliver   30-III-1949 74 photo wife Mary Denham
Jones, Robert C 4-VI-1932 18-V-1994   photo  
Jones, Robert Lyn 24-VIII-1936 15-IV-2000   photo  
Kemp, Carlos [Charles] Kenneth family 8-V-1908 5-IV-1969   photo  
Kemp, James   21-VIII-1947   photo  
Kemp, Juana [Joan] 20-IX-1939 27-VII-1999   photo  
Kemp, Margaret Elizabeth family   10-II-1985   photo  
Kemp, Mary Mackinnon family   26-VII-1953   photo  
Kemp, Neil family   26-IV-1958 57 photo  
Kemp, William family   26-XII-1963   photo  
Kerr, David   27-XII-1948 58 photo parents David & Agnes Kerr, of Arbroath, Angus
Kitson, Victor James   --   photo  
Kyle, Dahiana [Diana] S 9-VIII-1986 16-VIII-1986   photo  
Kyle de Fraser, Elena Anita [Ellen Ann] 8-XII-1909 4-III-1997   photo  
Kyle, Isabel (Bessie) Ana [Elizabeth Ann]   7-XII-1964   photo  
Kyle, María Elizabet [Mary Elizabeth]   31-X-1999 91 photo  
Kyle de MacDonald, Margarita [Margaret] 29-IV-1889 12-IV-1959   photo  
Kyle de Patterson, Margarita [Margaret]   11-XI-1983   photo  
Kyle, Mary   14-IV-1914 16m photo  
Kyle, Santiago [James]   4-VIII-1974 61 photo  
Kyle, Tomás [Thomas] 14-X-1904 5-IV-1973   photo  
Kyle, Tomás [Thomas] A 26-X-1935 8-V-1994 photo  
Kyle, Walterio [Walter]   31-VIII-1984   photo  
MacDonald, Catherine Tosh   17-XII-1941   photo husband James; daughter Catherine
MacDonald, Hubert Stuart family   10-V-1988 61 photo  
MacDonald, James   25-VIII-1939   photo wife Catherine Tosh; daughter Catherine
MacDonald, John family   12-IX-1958   photo  
MacDonald, Rosa [Rose] family 8-VI-1925 4-II-2008   photo  
Mackenzie, Ian Malcolm 17-X-1924 2-V-1994   photo  
Mackenzie, John 9-IX-1889 1-VI-1963   photo  
Makenzie [Mackenzie], Victoria   --   photo  
MacLean, Alexander Kenneth   --   photo children Sandra + Alejandro
MacLean, Ana S S de   31-III-1966 70 photo husband Murdoch
MacLean, Fernando [Ferdinand] R 19-IX-1930 1-IV-1994   photo  
MacLean, Florence Elizabeth family   23-X-1974   photo  
MacLean, Josefina P de 21-IX-1901 6-I-1989   photo husband Roderick Charles
MacLean, Murdoch   29-VII-1960 72 photo wife Ana
MacLean, Roderick Charles   6-VI-1955 73 photo wife Josefina
MacLennan, Juan [John] G link   18-V-1960   photo  
MacLeod de Garcia, Alicia [Alice] 6-XII-1886 27-II-1980   photo  
Macleed [MacLeod], Donald   5-VII-1967 76 photo sisters Jessie, Lizzie + Bert.
MacLeod de Lechos, Yessie [Jessie]   15-IX-1981 86 photo  
MacMullen de Denholm, Ana [Ann] 21-IX-1875,
20-10-1971   photo husband Tomás Denholm; lived in San Julián from 1886; married 16-IX-1899
Mann, Alexander 23-XII-1882 27-VI-1962   photo  
Mann, Catherine M 20-III-1918 15-VII-2006   photo  
Mann, Elizabeth 6-VI-1925 21-II-2004   photo  
Mann Craig, Guillermo [William] 3-IX-1921 28-VI-1985   photo son Billy; daughter Patricia; grandson Jimmy
Mann, Matilda Brodie 8-II-1895 24-IX-1944   photo  
Mann, Matilde [Matilda] 29-XI-1925 19-IX-1994   photo  
Martin, Murdo Lewis, Scotland 9-IX-1918,
Estancia Los Manantiales
  photo father Donald Martin
McBean, Donald I-1877,
Achlochoille Deviot
11-V-1932   photo  
McLean de Moy, Jessie   21-VII-1960   photo  
McLeod, Alicia 1886 1980   photo children Tilo and Piti
McMullen, Francis Timothy 31-I-1873 29-III-1927   photo  
Morrison de Elliot, Catalina [Catherine] 4-VI-1915 18-I-2004   photo  
Moy, Augusto [Angus]   8-XI-1949   photo  
Oman, John 1-X-1883 15-XI-1949   photo of Altnabreac, Scotland
Otey Brunel, Maria Elena [Mary Ellen] 6-VII-1931 12-IV-1986 55 photo  
Patterson, Jorgelina Isabel 13-X-1932 19-IX-1993   photo  
Patterson, Santiago [James] A 7-VIII-1905 20-VI-1956   photo  
Patterson de Fraser, Sarah Murray   7-XII-1937   photo  
Patterson, Tomas [Thomas] Lafone   23-IX-1978   photo  
Peebles, Julia 7-III-1917 19-VIII-2007   photo  
Perkins, Mauricio   14-III-1977   photo  
Perkins, Rose Mary   8-VI-1925   photo husband John MacDonald family
Perkins, William Henry 16-VII-1896 18-X-1974   photo  
Pickering, Ernest William 21-VIII-1887 13-IX-1974   photo  
Pickering, Maria Irene 14-II-1954 13-XII-1954   photo  
Pickering, Mary Clarke 10-IX-1888 29-VI-1960   photo  
Quigley, Patricio Tomás [Patrick Thomas] 2-IX-1908 7-XII-1909   photo  
Ransey, Juan [Ramsey?, John]       photo  
Rees, Gwyneth de Denholm 2-XI-1904 26-VII-1995   photo children Delano + Telma
Rolfe, Santiago [James] E   15-V-1971   photo daughter Elsa
Rutherford, Andrés [Andrew] 4-VI-1919 27-VII-1993   photo  
Rutherford, Enrique [Henry] A 31-III-1930 17-XI-2003   photo  
Sander, Enrique [Henry] 23-III-1872 23-X-1946   photo British?
Saxby, Geoffrey   26-X-1976   photo  
Sinclair, George   24-VI-1959   photo  
Speake, Jorge [George] H 2-XI-1960 11-IV-2002   photo  
Speake, Juan Enrique (Harry) [John Henry]   23-VII-1968 68 photo  
Speake, Nora 4-IX-1921 29-III-2000   photo  
Speake, Roberto [Robert] P 1966 2000   photo  
Thomson, Susan Newall   6-VII-1915 31 photo husband Roderick Morrison
Walker, Alexandra Cruickshank [Alexander Cruikshank] family   15-III-1928 52 photo erected by wife
Walker, Ana [Ann] xx-IV-1919 5-X-20xx   photo  
Walker, Anita M de 28-V-1922 28-V-1983   photo  
Walker, Barbara E   12-X-1989 76 photo  
Walker, David James   30-III-1981   photo  
Walker Douglas de Llaneza, Edith Diana 7-VII-1950 9-X-1982   photo sisters Haydee + Eliana; aunt Celia
Walker de Romero, Elsa 27-XII-1906 6-XI-1963   photo  
Walker, Esther Ana F de family   31-III-1960 71 photo  
Walker, Gualterio [Walter] family 15-II-1923 7-X-1985   photo  
Walker, Guillermo [William] S   16-VI-1970 67 photo  
Walker de Tresguerres, Haydee M 1-VIII-1947 26-VIII-2000   photo  
Walker Pergolis, Ina   16-VIII-1985? 70 photo  
Walker de Jelvez, Isabel   23-X-1963 69 photo  
Walker, Jack   26-V-1956   photo  
Walker, Jorge [George]   7-II-1947   photo  
Walker Kelman, José [Joseph] family 13-III-1903 10-III-1987   photo  
Walker, Juan [John]   10-VIII-1949 51 photo  
Walker Pergolis, Juan [John]   5-VI-1968 63 photo  
Walker, Margarita P de family 10-IX-1898 31-XII-1958   photo husband Roberto
Walker, Mauricio 15-II-1932 20-XI-1996   photo  
Walker, Mery [Mary] 11-II-1922 25-XII-1995   photo  
Walker, Roberto [Robert]   28-VII-1952 53 photo  
Walker, Roberto [Robert] Allan family 22-X-1926 23-III-1982   photo  
Walker, Roberto [Robert] K family 11-IX-1895 10-VIII-1972   photo wife Margarita
Walker, Santiago [James]   17-XII-1955 64 photo  
Wallace née Carmichael, Janet 16-IX-1858,
7-XI-1916   photo  
Wallace, Jorge [George]   22-III-1945 25 photo  
Wallace, Peter 14-V-189x,
Falkland Isles
Wallace, Walter   18-XI-1947? 67? photo  
Waring, Alan 19-XII-1918 31-V-1994   photo  
Withers, Leonard   23-XI-1954 74 photo  
Wood, Charles Surtees Stocksfield-on-Tyne, England 9-X-1916,
Baker District
30 photo  

Updated: 16-VII-2011